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( DPM ) Duckweed Production Module 1

( DPM ) Duckweed Production Module 1


The world’s first modular recirculating growth system dedicated to the sustainable production of duckweeds and other floating plants.  An integrated hydroponic platform developed from over seven years of laboratory research by plant biologists focused on duckweed studies, it is designed and optimized for duckweed cultivation and can be used with large or small varieties of this plant family. The integrated recirculation design allows for simple monitoring and control of media composition and adjustments, while utilizing gravity-driven flow to maximize efficiency.  The system is mobile and adaptable to space constraints and friendly to changes in deployment strategies.


Laboratory tested to demonstrate ability for year-round clean and nutritious plant biomass production with minimal waste. Each DPM1 consists of 3 vertically-stacked trays with continuous cycling of media with nutrients and can produce up to 20Kg of duckweed biomass per year in less than a one square meter footprint.


Controlled aquatic environment that provides an easy-to-use platform. Each system comes with instructions and management guidelines for maintaining healthy duckweed cultures. It also includes a 3 month supply of VersaBlend #1 duckweed fertilizer to ensure consistent high quality biomass while minimizing algae and unwanted microbes. 


Great exploratory tool for testing duckweed for various applications such as wastewater remediation, nutrient capture, bioproduct production, etc.  Duckweeds not only quickly accumulates nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients from wastewater, but can also be used as feedstocks for biofuel and bioplastics.


Grow clean and healthy duckweed for your animals! Harvest year-round to add fresh, high-protein greens to augment your traditional animal or pet feed.


DPM1 was created to grow fresh and clean duckweed year-round, but this aquatic controlled environment can be utilized for other small free-floating plants such as azolla.

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    Each system is built to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks delivery. Only delivering to continental United States at this time. Please contact us directly to place large or international orders!

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