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Pod Germination Guide

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to germinate your Duckweed Pods from VersaGreens!

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Step 1

Add one packet of VersaBlend fertilizer to 4 cups (1L) of tap water. Now you have duckweed growing MEDIA. We recommend using a 6-8 cup container. 

Use less media if you germinate the Pods in a smaller container.


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Step 2

Empty one vial of the Duckweed Pods into the container with the duckweed growing media.

You can store unused Pods in a refrigerator for up to 1 year!

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Step 3

Use the included droppers to help remove the Pods.

Place the container with growing media and Pods in a room-temperature space with plenty of light!

Turions do not require extra "grow lamps" to propagate.

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Within 1 week, germination will begin. A small green "frond" will begin to grow from each Pod and float to the top of the water.

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Move your germinated duckweed plants to a larger container when the entire surface is covered.


Allow your duckweed to grow for a few weeks until you have MORE THAN the desired number of plants.

Harvest what you need and leave the remaining duckweed plants to replicate. 


Purchase a Duckweed Production Module 1 (DPM1) for continued growth and care of your duckweed!

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