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Team and Vision


Planet Duckweed is focused on healthy food and 
sustainable agriculture.


Our founders are researchers who dedicate their lives to
food security.


We use growing processes that ensure you always have access to healthy food
without harming the environment

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Dr. Eric Lam
Founder & CEO

Eric Lam graduated from UC Berkeley and completed his postdoctoral research in Plant Molecular Biology at Rockefeller University. 


He is an acknowledged leader in the duckweed field and has authored over 170 publications in journals including Science and Nature.  Eric also has been awarded 5 biotechnology method patents over his career.


He has received the Alexander von Humboldt Award in Molecular Biology (2007) and is a Fulbright Brazil Science Fellow (2014-15).


He is currently the Chair of the International Steering Committee for Duckweed Research & Applications

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Shawn Sorrels
Co-Founder & COO

Shawn received his Bachelor's degree in Genetics from Rutgers University and is currently earning his PhD in Plant Biology.


He has a diverse background in marketing, website development, and is an accomplished portrait and mural artist.

Shawn oversees the day-to-day operations of Planet Duckweed and VersaFrond. Over the past 5 years Shawn has worked to optimize DPM engineering and efficiency, as well as duckweed strain selection for product development.


Providing access to essential nutrition and sustenance from bioproducts is a fundamental need for all societies

The power of automation creates

sustainability and scalability

Agricultural production systems need to be adaptable:

space and resources

Benefiting communities that we serve is the highest priority

“Prospering Together = Prospering Longer”

Our technologies create a new paradigm for farming:  

Resilience to environmental and man-made disasters

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