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VersaBlend #1 Duckweed Fertilizer (1 Liter) (5 Bags per order)

VersaBlend #1 Duckweed Fertilizer (1 Liter) (5 Bags per order)


VersaBlend #1TM brand fertilizer for optimal duckweed growth

- 5  bags per order, each bag makes 1 liter of growing media


  • Fertilizer formulated for fast and continual duckweed growth
  • VersaBlend #1 Brand fertilizer is carefully crafted for indoor duckweed cultivation, optimal Duckweed Pod germination, and DPM 1 (Duckweed Production Module 1) maintenance.
  • Grow clean duckweed minimizing algae and microbes.
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  • Product Description:

    At VersaGreens, we care about helping people grow clean duckweed fast! Our VersaBlend #1 fertilizer is formulated specifically to grow high quality duckweed quickly and easily.

    Each 1 liter  bag of VersaBlend #1, when added to tap or distilled water, makes 1 liter (4 cups) of duckweed growing media. Each larger 100 liter bag makes 100 liters of growing media.

    • Make sure to exchange your VersaBlend #1 media and rinse your duckweed growing container every 3-4 weeks for optimal duckweed growth and health.
    • Use one 100 liter bag of VersaBlend #1 each month to maintain your DPM 1 (Duckweed Production Module 1)
  • Important Tips:

    VersaBlend #1 brand fertilizer is formulated for use with VersaGreens and Planet Duckweed brand products. Results may vary if used with other duckweeds or hydroponic growing systems.

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