Duckweed Pods (from giant duckweed) are seed-like forms of duckweeds that can germinate into high quality duckweed plants when added to simple tap water mixed with VersaBlend #1 duckweed fertilizer

Duckweed Pods : grow your own duckweed!

    • 30-40 duckweed pods (aka turions) that will germinate into actively growing duckweed plants.
    • Produce clean duckweed plants without parasites in less than 2 weeks.
    • Store Duckweed Pods (in their delivered vials) in a home refrigerator until use (DO NOT FREEZE).
    • Unused pods (in their delivered vials) can be stored for at least 1 year at 4 degrees Celcius without problem.
    • Duckweeds are excellent for aquariums as a feed supplement or decoration.
    • Can be used to feed turtles and a variety of fish as supplements.
    • Versatile material for educational applications such as classroom demonstrations, biology projects, hands-on kits for children.
    • Complete Protein source (typically greater than 35% dry weight when actively growing)
    • Great source of minerals, carotenoids, and vitamins.
    • IN THE PACKAGE: 2 vials of Duckweed Pods (15-20 Pods per vial), 2 packs of VersaBlend #1 fertilizer (each pack makes 1 liter or 4 cups of growth media), 2 droppers/pipettes for pod transfer, germination instructions.