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Duckweed Pods : grow your own duckweed!

Duckweed Pods : grow your own duckweed!


Duckweed Pods (from giant duckweed) are seed-like forms of duckweeds that can germinate into high quality duckweed plants when added to simple tap water mixed with VersaBlend #1 duckweed fertilizer

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  • About This Item

    • 30-40 duckweed pods (aka turions) that will germinate into actively growing duckweed plants.
    • Produce clean duckweed plants without parasites in less than 2 weeks.
    • Store Duckweed Pods (in their delivered vials) in a home refrigerator until use (DO NOT FREEZE).
    • Unused pods (in their delivered vials) can be stored for at least 1 year at 4 degrees Celcius without problem.
    • Duckweeds are excellent for aquariums as a feed supplement or decoration.
    • Can be used to feed turtles and a variety of fish as supplements.
    • Versatile material for educational applications such as classroom demonstrations, biology projects, hands-on kits for children.
    • Complete Protein source (typically greater than 35% dry weight when actively growing)
    • Great source of minerals, carotenoids, and vitamins.
    • IN THE PACKAGE: 2 vials of Duckweed Pods (15-20 Pods per vial), 2 packs of VersaBlend #1 fertilizer (each pack makes 1 liter or 4 cups of growth media), 2 droppers/pipettes for pod transfer, germination instructions.
  • Product Description

    At VersaGreens, we carefully cultivate and produce quality Duckweed Pods that reliably germinate into beautiful and healthy duckweed plants on demand.  These can then be used as a sustainably sourced decoration or nutritious food for your fish, turtles, and poultry. Visit for more information about duckweed and detailed instructions for pod germination.

    • Duckweed Pods are turions from Giant Duckweed (Latin name: Spirodela polyrhiza). Turions are a way for some duckweed species to overwinter (or hibernate) in the cold months. When environmental conditions are right, they germinate back into actively growing duckweed plants.
    • Duckweeds propagate by budding. Every 24-48 hours or so depending on the species and growth conditions, your germinated duckweed will double, continuously producing new fronds (leaves) from older fronds.
    • Grow duckweed indoors by mixing our VersaBlend brand duckweed fertilizer with simple clean tap water!
    • Duckweed contains all essential and non-essential amino acids (complete protein) and are a great source of  minerals: calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, and zinc.
  • Optimal Growth Conditions

    Follow our instructions and management protocol to germinate your Duckweed Pods and have a steady supply of clean, nutritious, sustainable duckweed when you want it.

    • Add one pack of VersaBlend #1 duckweed fertilizer (1.25g) to water for one liter (about 4 cups) of cultivation media (tap water or distilled water can be mixed with the VersaBlend #1 fertilizer).
    • We recommend using VersaBlend #1 fertilizer to ensure a high germination rate and superior  quality duckweed, while minimizing algal growth. Our blend is optimized for production of clean duckweed suitable for beautiful decoration or nutritious feed supplement when the instructions for maintenance are followed.
    • Just like seeds from land plants, a few of the Duckweed Pods occasionally may not germinate. If the instructions are followed, >95% should germinate into healthy duckweed plants.
    • VersaBlend #1 growing media must be changed every 3-4 weeks to maintain consistent quality of the duckweed being produced.
    • We supply enough VersaBlend #1 fertilizer for 2 months of growth. Continue to propagate your duckweed by purchasing more VersaBlend duckweed fertilizer!
    • Unwanted (dead or discolored) duckweed can be easily removed and discarded using a strainer.
  • Important Tips

    • Store unused Duckweed Pods (in their original vials and media) in a refrigerator for up to 1 year. Do not freeze the Pods since the viability of the Pods will rapidly decline in sub-zero temperatures.
    • Germinate your Duckweed Pods away from animals.  Fish, birds, and reptiles may eat your Duckweed Pods or newly germinated duckweed plants that are floating on the surface!
    • Grow and cultivate your duckweed in a separate place from its intended use and apply VersaBlend duckweed fertilizer as recommended. When you have more than enough biomass for your intended application, remove half of the duckweed from the growing container, rinse with tap water to remove any leftover fertilizer, and use this half for your needs. The remaining duckweed in your cultivation container will continue to multiply!
    • We highly recommend that the growing media in your cultivation container be replaced with fresh media every 3-4 weeks using clean tap or distilled water and VersaBlend #1 duckweed fertilizer for healthy, vigorous duckweed growth while minimizing growth of algae and other microbes.
    • Duckweed Pods are not intended to produce duckweed for human consumption.
    • Duckweeds are native plants but can be aggressive invaders of ponds and lakes. Do not introduce your Duckweed Pods or plants into waterways, lakes, or ponds. Please grow your duckweed responsibly.
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